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Although the road to selling a home might be rocky and winding, different methods are available. The conventional path requires homeowners to list the home with a realtor and hope for a buyer to come knocking. The alternate approach is to sell your house to reputable cash house buyers like Just Buy My House. They will provide a more rapid and easier sale.

Look at our comparison of Just Buy My House versus traditional listings.

PointsSelling with Real Estate AgentsSelling To Just Buy My House
Commissions and Fees        The seller will pay 6% or more.None
Who Pays the Closing Costs?Around 2% of the sale price goes to the seller.We take care of your closing costs
Inspection and Financing Contingency*The outcome of the home inspection and whether the buyer’s mortgage is granted frequently affect the outcome of the home saleNone—we guarantee a sale without any contingencies
Appraisal NeededRequired for a traditional saleNone
Average Days Until SoldBased on the location and state of your property, it may take six to 12 months.No more than 30 days
Number of ShowingsThe number will vary; it could be daily or weekly until you sell your houseWe only need to see the house once
Closing DateYour buyer will decideAt your convenience
Who Pays For Repairs?It’s the seller’s responsibleYou can sell the house as-is, and we’ll take care of the repair costs.

From a Fast, Fair Offer to Closing and Cash in Your Hand in as Little as 30 Days 

Are you tired of the inconvenience and uncertainty that come with selling your Somerset, New Jersey? Compare Somerset home buyers with a local agent listing! Say goodbye to the anxiety the hunt for the ideal buyer brings and enjoy a smooth, fast sale. By working with Just Buy My House, you can sell your house in 30 days and close the deal whenever it’s convenient. Avoid paying for repairs or putting up with countless showings. Let Just Buy My House handle everything!

Say Goodbye to Outrageous Closing Costs

At Just Buy My House, we understand that selling your home can come with a hefty price tag. Because of this, we cover all expenses—including the closing fees—so you can easily sell your Somerset house. Don’t just take our word for it; compare Somerset, NJ, home buyers to traditional agent listings and see how we’re revolutionizing the home-selling process. You can save money and time with Just Buy My House.

Are You Prepared for an All-Cash Offer for Your Home?

Just Buy My House LLC! You don’t need to worry about lowball offers or back-and-forth negotiations when working with us. Instead, you will receive a competitive cash offer that maximizes your return. We believe in offering transparent and honest transactions and guaranteeing the fairness of our cash offers. Enjoy the security that comes with a reasonable all-cash offer from Just Buy My House.

Skip the Endless Tidying and Preparation for Showings

Consider a cash sale with Just Buy My House if you’re fed up with the lengthy preparations involved in selling your house. We make it possible to sell your home as-is without the hassle of fixing it or cleaning it from top to bottom. You can start the next chapter of your life by choosing our cash-selling option rather than dealing with the pressure of showings and cleaning. A fast cash sale with Just Buy My House LLC will relieve you of the burden of the home-selling process.

Understand the Numbers to See the Real Advantages

A cash home buyer’s initial offer that is below market value could make you feel disheartened. But you can see why it’s a better deal when you factor in the requirements of a traditional agent, such as making repairs, paying the agent’s fee, and covering closing costs and fees. Compare Somerset home buyers to local agent listings, and you’ll find that selling your house for cash to a local property buyer in Somerset is simple and a smart move that will put more money in your pocket.

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